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Administrative Staff
Cost of attendance
​Freda Poe                                  Financial Aid
Susan Kinkade                           Accounts Payable
Leah Longest                             Financial Aid/Enrollment/Instructor
Ericka Williamson                       Instructor
At Shawnee Beauty College, we take care to provide our students with a  high quality education personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

Have a High School diploma or High School transcript showing a graduation date.  Have a recognized equivalent of a High School Diploma such as a home schooled certificate by the state where the student resided during home school or a General Education Diploma (GED).  We do not accept the Ability to Benefit criteria.  Are not currently enrolled at a primary or secondary institution.  Has a correct social security number.  

In order to determine eligibility for Title IV funds, student must:
Comply with our Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy included in the student catalog.  Not be in default on a loan made under any Title IV, HEA loan program.  Must not have obtained loan amounts that exceed annual or aggregaate loan limits made under any Title IV, HEA loan program.  Not have property to a judgment lien for debt owed to the U.S.  Is not liable for a grant from the Federal Perkins loan overpayment.  Be enrolled at least half time to receive assistance from the Direct Loan program.  (The Pell Grant program does not require half time enrollment, but the student's enrollment status does affect the amount of Pell a student may receive).
If you have any question concerning enrollment or paperwork, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
Course                                 Enrollment                Equipment                 Lab                    Tuition                   Total 
                                              Fee                             & Supplies                 Fee                                                   Tuition

Basic Cosmetology           $100.00                    $1,200.00                   $2,400.00          $7,800.00            $11,500.00   Manicurist                           $100/00                    $350.00                      $500.00             $4,100.00             $5,050.00
Instructor                             $100.00                    $325.00                      $0.00                  $5,075.00            $5,500.00

Other Fees:
Transfer Fee:      $10.00